Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Australian Guide Program is a value based, leadership and life skills program with an outdoor focus

It involves Guides & Leaders working together to carry out challenges and activities based on the four elements and seven fundamentals of the Australian Guide Program

Girls grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members through challenge, recognition, fun and friendship

The Australian Guide Program provides girls and young women with a sense of purpose, belonging and achievement.
The Program is based on the view of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, that the 'activities, while delighting girls', should also give them 'a course of education outside the school' in four areas:
• Character and intelligence
• Skill and handicraft
• Physical health and hygiene
• Service for others and fellowship

As the Program symbol shows, the Australian Guide Program has these focal points:
PHYSICAL - Giving girls opportunities to become fit, healthy and strong
PRACTICAL - Enabling girls to learn skills that will help them throughout their lives
PEOPLE - Helping girls to develop friendships, and skills at understanding and caring for others
SELF - Giving girls opportunities to grow by challenging themselves and learning to lead.
The Program helps to develop skills for life.
• Keeping the PROMISE AND LAW is our underlying code of living
• Enjoying the OUTDOORS offers active adventure and awareness of the environment
• Giving SERVICE encourages a sense of community
• Exploring WORLD GUIDING builds peace & understanding
• Sharing in GUIDING TRADTIONS gives a sense of history and belonging
• Experiencing LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT improves skills for life
• Participating in the PATROL SYSTEM develops teamwork skills

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