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As the majority of Guides are expected to be new campers, the program will be very basic and concentrate on making sure the girls have fun while learning camping skills. This information sheet is designed to provide parents with answers to all questions they may have on the assumption this may be their daughter/s first Guide Camp
 Program - All leaders have a copy of the camp program which outlines the activities suggested for camp. These have been discussed with Guides and they have all had the opportunity to have input into the activities – if they have any suggestions or requests for inclusion in the program these should have been passed to the Camp Leaders for inclusion in the program
 Parents are asked to ensure clothing and bedding is suitable for the weather.Wet weather gear is essential (rain boots, raincoat), as is a hat during the day. To safeguard against spread of disease or illnesses such as colds etc., girls should have hand antibacterial soap for personal use as well as insect repellent
 In accordance with our safety guidelines, no open shoes are permitted at camp and socks must be worn at all times. Clogs/thongs allowed only in the shower. Camp uniform should be worn
 Diet – unless a guide has a specific allergy or intolerance to a food, all participants have the same menu. If there are any Guides who require special diets, please advise us
 Parents are asked to drop guides off and collect them at the stipulated times. In particular we ask parents not to arrive before advised finish time on closing day as all Guides have duties and cleaning up to complete before being allowed to leave the campsite. If someone other than parents are collecting Guides, please ensure leaders are advised otherwise no Guides will leave unless with a parent/guardian.
 A minimum of 10 girls (2 patrols) will be required for camp to proceed – if these numbers are not reached leaders will be advised and camp MAY be cancelled.
 The following items are not permitted at camp and will be confiscated until the end of camp if girls are found with them- Mobile phones; MP3s; Electronic Games of any sort; Lollies
 Medication – all medication of any type must be handed to the first aider on arrival at camp and must be in the original packaging/bottles with name and clear dosage details on the label. No Guides are permitted to have any form of medication kept with them at camp – it is all administered by the First Aider. Any medication being taken must be noted on the Health section of the Consent Form
 The Activity Consent Form must be fully completed and accompany Guides to Camp – it should not be given to their unit leader at a Guide Meeting. The form consists of 2 A4 pages – front and back.
 Camp Fees will be advised and will cost no more than $... for all meals campsite fees and activity costs. We have attempted to keep fees to a minimum and feel this amount is very reasonable for a camp of this duration.
 First meal in camp – Girls should bring their lunch from home on Saturday – it should not be anything that requires heating of any type and should be in a throw-away container/package
 Wet weather – leaders will be advised the day before camp if weather is so bad that the camp will be cancelled. It will be the leaders responsibility to contact all parents concerned

If any parents or Guides have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of our camping program, please give Leader a call

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