Saturday, October 17, 2009


What sort of challenge can you think of for your Air Badge? You could try, create, investigate, construct, learn, share, record...Here are some example challenges:

  • You could keep a log of the weather in your area.
    You could investigate different types of clouds.
    You could construct a kite and fly it at a local park.
    You could learn about air pollution and the problems it causes.
    You could discover what causes a storm.
    You could investigate why trees are important to the air we breathe.
    You could research 'The Bends' what causes it and how it can be avoided.
    You could discover what gases are in the air we breathe and which one we need for life.
    You could find out about the ozone layer, why it is important, what happens when it gets a hole in it and what gases cause these holes.
Or any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to air and mean you are achieving your personal best.

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