Saturday, October 17, 2009


What can you think of for your Arts Badge? You could write, draw, make, illustrate, design, share, perform, learn, improve...Here are some example challenges:

  • Draw a few cartoons.
    Learn about primary and secondary colours and use them to paint some pictures.
    Improve your dancing skills or skills at a musical instrument.
    Choreograph your own dance or create your own song.
    Review a movie.
    Take a photo of a silhouette.
    Make a design using potato cuts and use it to cover a book.
    Learn some new songs and sing them to your unit.
    Write your own new song.
    Write a poem.
    Learn how to get photos printed.
  • Learn how to change the batteries in a digital camera or film in a film camera.

Or any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to arts and mean you are achieving your personal best.

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