Saturday, October 17, 2009


Can you think of a challenge that you could do for your Girls Badge? You could share, discuss, plan, design, make, invite, organise....Here are some example challenges:

  • Design and create a piece of clothing.
    Plan and have a sleepover with friends where you have a girls night.
    Learn about the troubles women around the world face.
    Make friendship bracelets and share them with your friends.
    Discover what it is like to be a mother by caring for a doll for a week (don't forget to look after it All the time, 'feeding' it, 'bathing' it, looking after it if it wakes up early). Ask your mother about what she had to do to look after you when you were a baby.
    Describe the Guide uniform and badges of 4 other WAGGGS countries.
    Do some secret good turns for your friends.
    Learn the importance of hair care, including what shampoo and conditioner are for, why you need to brush/comb your hair, and what lice are and what to do if you get them.
    Research a famous female person and give a presentation about their success.
    Find out about and adult who used to be a Guide and make a presentation.Or any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to girls and mean you are achieving your personal best.

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