Saturday, October 17, 2009


How are you going to challenge yourself for your Australia Badge? You could make, investigate, plan, explore, celebrate, enjoy, visit...Here are some example challenges:

· Make an Australian scrapbook.
· Investigate many different native animals, birds or plants.
· Tell the story of a pioneer in your state.
· Learn the states, capitals and the different parts of the Australian National Flag.
· Discover famous landmarks and learn about why they are so great.
· Plan a holiday in Australia for your family.
· Learn the name of the Australian Prime Minister, your state Premier and local Mayor and the political parties that they stand for.
· Investigate your rights as an Australian Citizen.
· Find out what the Australian national and state emblems are (animal, bird, flower)
· Find out about the different levels of Government and what each one does.
· Draw a map of your area and mark at six places of importance (eg. shops, school, post office, church etc)

.Or any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to Australia and mean you are achieving your personal best.

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