Saturday, October 17, 2009


Which challenge can you think of doing for your Wheels Badge? You could learn, attend, explore, investigate, create, plan...Here are some example challenges:

  • Learn the road safety rules
    Discover how to ride a bike, pump-up the tyre and put the gear chain back on.
    Investigate different transport methods.
    Learn how to read a map and navigate directions for someone.
    Learn how to ride a skateboard, unicycle or use roller-skates or roller-blades.
    Investigate the laws that apply to cyclists in regard to riding on the roads and footpath
    Discover the signals that cyclists use and observe (eg. for turning corners)
    Know why lights, reflectors and a bell are important, and when lights need to be used.
    Learn about car maintenance (eg. how to change a tyre, how to change a reversing light, how to check and refill the oil, how to refill the window-wipers ...)
    Learn what all the car parts are under the bonnet and what they do
    Investigate why tyres have 'tread'
    Research a famous cyclist
    Learn how to care for roller-skates/blades
    Learn how to skate forwards and backwards on two feet and one foot and how to stop safelyOr any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to wheels and mean you are achieving your personal best

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