Saturday, October 17, 2009


What could you do to challenge yourself for your Fire Badge? You could learn, visit, create, share, attend, research...Here are some example challenges:

  • Learn how to safely strike a match and handle fire.
    Write a fire-plan for your house, knowing where the fire-extinguishers and fire-blankets are.
    Cook a meal outdoors on a fire.
    Discover what to do if there is a bushfire and how to prepare for it.
    Research campfire safety rules.
    Visit your local fire station.
    Learn how to call the fire station in an emergency and what to tell them.
    Learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and what each one is for.
    Investigate why water should never be thrown on an oil fire.
    Learn how to treat a burn/scald.
    Find out why a fire must not be left unattended and why water must always be kept close-by.
    Investigate what to do if your clothing catches on fire.
    Learn how to grade wood and how to use a saw to cut the wood into smaller pieces.Or any other challenge or group of challenges that relate to fire and mean you are achieving your personal best.

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